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How to Book Your Trip to Danakil Depressions?

Book Your Trip to Danakil Depression

Is It Safe To Travel To Danakil Depressions In 2021?

Touring to Danakil Depressions as a solo without arranging by tour agents like other parts of Ethiopia is little difficult and you must book organized group tours or organized private tours with an agent from Addis Ababa & for that the best and favorable ways are booking from Addis Ababa, different tour companies offering Danakil Depression tours based on optional days

What is the budget and costs of the Danakil Depressions Tours?

The prices of the Danakil Depressions tours are always vary depending on several factors, like the number of days that you have, how many people you are, your places of departure? Is it from Mekelle, Addis Ababa, or Lalibela, etc. and here below are the estimated prices assuming you are booking your Danakil Depression tours from Addis Ababa, The capital city of Ethiopia, during a peak season and join a random group by adventure tours.

Danakil Depression Two or 2 Days Tours

If you have only two days to see the Danakil Depressions, The places that you want to see always matters, and here you may check what the 2 days options with the price are available  

Danakil Depression Three or 3 Days Tours  

If you have three days to see the Danakil Depressions, Please check the price and the details here.

Danakil Depression Four or 4 Days Tours  

Another option if you have more days in Danakil Depression and want to stays around 4 days here checks what is the option to see in 4 days at the Danakil depressions

Is It Possible To See The Danakil Depressions In One A DAY Trips?

Most of the time the best recommended for Danakil Depressions tour is above two days but if you have only one full day from Mekelle doing a day trips to the Danakil Depressions is possible but you must be wakeup very earlier from your hotel in Mekelle, If you want to see how the day trips to Danakil Depressions is look like you may check 

How To Reach & Arrive To Danakil Depression?

Obviously if you want to start your trips to Danakil Depressions you must arrive in the city of Mekele,Which is the most accessible city to start your trips to Danakil Depressions.

How to arrive Mekele from Addis Ababa?

Flight Or With Plane  –A daily flights from Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines scheduled is available with regular flights in a week and the flight takes a maximum of 1hrs

Surface Or Car – If you want to arrive in Mekelle with surface driving via seeing the amazing nature of the North Ethiopians landscapes and heritages until you are arriving in Mekele and we mostly combine the Danakil Depressions tours with the historical route of Ethiopia and is one of the most recommended combined tours when you want a surface driving tours from Addis Ababa.