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How to plan your Omo Valley tribes tours?

Getting across southern parts of Ethiopia the lower Omo valley tribes are one of the most indigenous and fascinating tribes  in Ethiopia and in the east parts of Africa, They have aplenty of culture and interesting ceremony but eve n they have a cultural diversity in the different tribes of Omo valley tribes  still the survive and leave in  peace.

How Plan Your Omo Valley Tours from Addis Ababa?

Visiting the all Omo valley tribes is some hard because of the location location, this tends to be either an expensive, slow, or challenging trip – both logistically and physically.

Visiting the Omo valley tribes from Addis Ababa is accessible but its always depends on your number of days and let say if you have 6 days and above a surface driving from Addis Ababa will be recommended and if you have less days taking a flight from Addis Ababa that departs around 11:00 from Bole Int Airport is more suggested.

 Which Omo Valley Tribes Must Be Visited?

  • Dorze People
  • Konso People
  • Ari People
  • Benna Or Banna Tribes
  • Tsemay  Or Tsamai Tribes
  • Arbore Tribes
  • Mursi Tribes
  • Bodi Tribes
  • Hammer Tribes
  • Dasennach Or  Daasnach Tribes
  • Turkana Tribes
  • Karo Or Kara Tribes
  • Kwengo Or Kwingo Tribes
  • Nyangatom Or Bume Tribes
  • Surma Or Suri Tribes

Before going and plan your trip to omo valley tribes, We recommend you to check and make a study online about each tribe online then after you read and check which tribes more attract you because all the tribes of omo valley are different in the size of the population, in the leaving style, in cultures, in religion, and daily life because Some tribes are settled agro-pastoralists, while others are nomadic or semi-nomadic cattle herders.

How many Days Should You Dedicate To Visit The Omo Valley Tribes?

Actually, to answer this it depends on how many tribes you want to meet and to visits & which is more accessible to see based on your number of days have to be considering.

Considering you’re looking to start from Addis Ababa to  Arba  Minch, it takes one day (eight hours+) to go from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch, where you can see the Dorze tribe.

It then takes two hours to reach Konso, where you can see the Konso tribe, and then about five hours to reach Jinka, where you are finally in the Lower Omo Valley.

So, it takes more than a day to reach Jinka by bus. Alternatively, you can cut that by flying to Arba Minch or Jinka

The best recommended is to give a full day for one tribes but if you have no much days you can see two tribes in one days with rush but considering the pappy road from Arba Minch to the lower omo valley tribes planning more than 4 days are recommended (If flying from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch) and in this case you may have a chance of seeing around 6 tribes including Konso , Benna ,Tsemay,Hammer,Daasenach ,Mursi tribes and Ari

Surface driving to Omo valley tribes is amazing and you may have a chance to spend more times with each tribes & the preferable days in car surface is more than 10 Days to 13 days and this brings to see most of the lower omo valley tribes, You can check the itinerary here.   

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Omo Valley Tribes?

To visit the omo valley tribes weather condition is one of the most important things because many infrastructures like road in the regions are Pappy and unpaved, even some of the road pass via rivers and streams so this show you one the best time to see this indigenous tribes are out of the rainy season

In general, you can visit the omo valley tribes all the time with considering the above factors but to put which time is the better to visit the Omo valley tribes form the end of June until the beginning of April is more accessible and favorable time

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