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Addis Ababa Nightlife


Tour Type


1 Day


4W Drive


Welcome to Ethiopia, On arrival we will meet you at the airport then Refresh and begin your sightseeing of Addis with a drive up to Mount Entoto for a panoramic view of Addis. Descend down and drive to the National Museum where you will have a chance to spot the oldest hominids of the ‘Lucy’ fossil. Visit and proceed to the Holy Trinity built during WWII.

Then proceed to Holi Trinty church then we will see the tombs of emperor Haile Silase with the amazing paintings of the church later after you visit the museums of this church we will wrap up your drive to Merkato, the biggest market in East Africa.

In the evening attend a folkloric diner where you will have a chance to taste several national dishes and watch dances of the various ethnic groups of Ethiopia. The traditional coffee ceremony will also be served.  Later you will have a chance to enjoy the night with some best Addis Ababa and you will visit Club H2O and Club AB at Friendship Hotels, club Illusion, and Club Concord Hotels finally we will drop you in the hotels.



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