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Addis Ababa Full Day Shopping Tour





Welcome to Ethiopia, On arrival we will meet you at the airport then Refresh and begin your shopping.

Addis Ababa have a numerous shops like open markets, malls, Small shops and stores That have an amazing things for touristes and vistors from those based on our time we will show you the Bellow accordingly.

Shopping At Merkato

Merkato is the largest open air market in Africa which is covering several square miles and employing an estimated 13,000 people in 7,100 business entities and The primary merchandise passing through the Merkato is locally-grown agricultural products — most notably coffee. We will take you to differnt places or station for different tools and objects … spicy , soveniours ,coffee

Shopping At Piazza

Piazza is an important shopping area in Addis Ababa. There are many small shops and street stalls there. It is a favorite place for shopping among women as there are many jewelry shops. There are also clothes, especially for women, shoes, bags and all types of African goods

Sumeta Souvenir Gallery

This is one of the best collection gallery for tourists that will find Collectible silver spoons, Ethiopian crosses, coins, jewelries, traditional paintings on parchment, mugs, traditional clothes, traditional musical instruments, colorful Ethiopian scarf, pottery, t-shirts

Shopping at Africans Bookshop

There are many book shops in Addis Ababa. Africans Bookshop sells second-hand books. You can buy interesting books about the history of Ethiopia, about diverse ethnic groups living this country, books about animals of Africa and also novels.

Shopping at Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprises Shop

Ethiopian Trading Enterprises Shop sells inexpensive postcards and souvenirs of Addis Ababa. There are many gift ideas such as posters, art works and books. This shop probably offers the largest selection of postcards of Addis Ababa.

Shopping At Addis Ababa Stadium

There is a shopping  at the stadium area in Addis Ababa. It is generally known for its genuine, Ethiopian leather goods, like clothes and bags. The vendors here offer “Made in Ethiopia” goods that are of much better quality than many other “Made in China” products sold elsewhere in Addis Ababa.

Shopping At Malls

We will show you some of the stunning malls that have different things for you and from those malls you will see first Medhanyalem Mall , Edena Mall ,Mafi Mall and Friendship Tower

Coffee Shopping At Tomoca

Finally we will take to you at one of the best shop for Ethiopian Coffee Arabica and Ethiopian Teas and you will have a chance of bring the pure and well arranged coffee.

In the evening attends a folkloric dinner where you will have a chance to taste several national dishes and watch dances of the various ethnic groups of Ethiopia. The traditional coffee ceremony will also be served.  Later you will be transferred to the airport for your departure.

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