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Muslim Pilgrimage Tours To Nejashi Mosque & North Wello





Day 1: Addis Ababa- Mekelle

Welcome to Ethiopia, On arrival we will meet you at Bole Int airport then we  will take our flight  to Mekelle.Up om arrival at Mekelle  You will have a halal breakfast and have a city tour of Mekelle, visit Hawelti and the Memorial Museum. Take a walk and drive through the streets of Mekelle. Then you will pray the Salah of Zuhr and Asr at the grand mosque of Anwar Masjid and have a halal lunch at a halal restaurant.In the afternoon, you will have a drive to Wukro, Nejashi Mosque, the first mosque in Africa since the 7th century. There you will visit the graves 15 Sahabas(Companions of Prophet Mohammed, PBUH), Pray and Recite Ayahs of Quran, and sightseeing.

Overnight stay at  Mekelle

Day 2: Mekelle-Mehonie- Woldiya

This day after  breakfast, you will be drive to Weldya on the way you will have a stop over on some of the Muslim city to get a brief explanation of the Sheikhs who lived there and their unique characters and visit the shrines. After the prayer of Zuhr and Asr in Kerem you will drive back to Woldia to have a Halal Lunch. Visit the Selam Orphanage and the grand Masjid Al Selam. On the way to Selam Mosque you will have a City tour of Woldia City, the capital of North Wollo.

Overnight Woldia

Day 3: Weldya-Mersa-Hayq- Dessie

This day after After the Salah of Fajr at a nearby Mosque you will have a halal breakfast, you will drive to the city of Mersa. There you will visit the Shrine of Aba Getiye then later drive to Hayq(one of the south wello city that have a muslim people). Then Drive to Dessie and check-in to your Hotel. After praying Zuhr and Asr at Al Furkan Mosque you will have a halal lunch at a halal restaurant. After lunch you will visit Arab Genda Mosque(the first mosque in Dessie), Shewa Ber Mosque(the first officially built mosque), Dessie Museum, and Tossa Mountain. Return to Hotel after Halal dinner and Prayer at Shewa Ber Mosque.

Overnight Dessie

Day 4: Dessie- Kombolcha

This day  the Salah of Fajr you will be driving  to Kombolcha then you will have a halal breakfast then you will perform the Zuhr and Asr prayer at Khalid mosque. You will have a Halal lunch and drive to Geta. Geta is well known for its Menzuma(Islamic Supplicating Songs), for the big and festive Mawlid that is celebrated every year, and center of Islamic teaching. Mosque, Shrine and Manuscripta can be found. Drive to Jema Nigus. Jema Nigus is a home for the great Sheikh Seid Mohammed Shafi (Seid Mujahidu/ Seid the Struggler), he was a very wise Sheikh who travelled to Mecca and Medina for Islamic Education, and even had a plan to meet the Caliph in Istanbul. After your visit at Jema Nigus you will return back to Kombolcha and have a halal dinner.

Overnight Kombolcha

Day 5:Komoblcha-Addis Ababa

After breakfast you will be driving to Addis Ababa and on the way we will be stoping at muslim city of Shewa Robit and you will see Shewa Robit Central Mosque then we will be driving to Debre Birhan for Halal lunch. Drive to Addis Ababa for staying the night and dinner will be in your hotel.

Day 6:Addis Ababa-Departure

This day after breakfast you will have a full day city tours and you will have a chance of seeing two largest mosque in Addis Ababa Bennin Mosque and Anwar Mosque,Lunch will be at one of the muslim restouran in Addis  then later you will have a chance of seeing the National Musums of Ethiopia then you will have a shopping.

At the evening you will have a Halal harwell dinner then you will be transferring to the airport for your flight to your home.

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