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5 Days Community Trekking in Ethiopia’s Highlands


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5 Days


Flight + 4W Drive


Day 1, Addis Ababa Fly To Axum

This day you will take a flight to Axum and after check-in to your hotel visit. Axum, spend the afternoon exploring the sites of Axum, including the Stelae field (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) that towers meters above and looks fantastic in the afternoon sun. Visit Tsion Mariam Church, which claimed to hold the original Ark of the Covenant.
Spend the evening at leisure in Axum. You’ll stay overnight at the best available property in Axum, Sabean Hotel.
Accommodation: Sabean Hotel

Day 2, Erar Community Guesthouse

Today marks the start of your community trekking experience in rural Tigray. After breakfast, we drive from Sabean Hotel to the trailhead. En route, visit the ancient pre-Axumite ruins at Yeha and the lovely Mariam Kiat church.
From the trailhead, we kick off the trek with a gentle 1.5-hour walk to Erar Community Guesthouse.

Erar Community Guesthouse is one of the first established in the region. Erar Community Guesthouse is built on an isolated section of the western escarpment and has some of the most wonderful views of the community trekking experience.
Relax around the guesthouse while dinner is made and get to know the locals over dinner before retreating to the simple and cozy rooms of the guesthouse.
Accommodation: Erar Community Guesthouse

Day 3, Seheta Community Guesthouse

Head from Erar to Seheta today. There are two trails to choose from today. Both trails will last 4-5 hours, one takes you down into the valleys, the other a slightly tougher trail with some steeper gradients. In the afternoon you can explore the nearby churches around Seheta, or simply relax, read a book, or have a beer as you enjoy the view.
Accommodation: Seheta Community Guesthouse

Day 4, Shimbrety Community Guesthouse

Today marks your final day of community trekking in Tigray. After breakfast and fresh coffee over the wonderful views, begin the trail to Shimbrety. This is a really exciting trail, and as you get closer to Shimbrety you’ll find a rock tunnel that has been carved through the ridge to give villages on the western side access to the lovely rock church of Maryam Buzuhan.

Spend your final night atop the limestone cliffs of Tigray, blanketed by starlight and well-fed by your lovely local staff. Grab some cold beers (other refreshments available) and enjoy the view one last time.

Accommodation: Shimbrety Community Guesthouse

Day 5, Gheralta Lodge

After breakfast at the guesthouse, walk for 3 hours to the trailhead Idega Arbi. There is market day here on Friday which is great to visit if your dates coincide. Transfer to Gheralta Lodge, a charming lodge with cabin-esque rooms dotted along the plateau ridge offering tremendous views of the Gheralta Mountains and low-lying farmland.

After lunch at the lodge, explore some of the rock churches in the region. The rock churches of Tigray are astounding not just for their history, rock carvings, and paintings, but also for their representation of the religious commitment of the local people. Built high into the cliff face, some of these churches are only accessible by climbing the vertical cliff, and yet they’re still used by local Ethiopians of all ages. The views from inside the churches are extraordinary.

The view as the sun sets behind the mountains and the sky illuminates in dark reds, yellows, and oranges is the perfect respite after your community trek. Overnight Vision Hotel

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