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11 Days Classic Ethiopian Cultural & Natural Tours



11 Days


Flight + 4W Drive


Day 1 – Addis Ababa

On arrival at Bole Int Airport Aman Ethiopia Tours team will meet you & transfer you to your hotel then later start Exploring Addis Ababa. Visit the various museums, including the National Museum where you’ll discover ‘Lucy’, the fossilized skeleton of an ancient human ancestor dating back 3.2 million years who changed our understanding of human evolution. Heading to the Mercato market, the largest open-air market in Africa, and experience a traditional coffee ceremony. Discover what Haile Selassie and Sylvia Pankhurst have in common at the copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral. See why the European Council on Tourism and Trade named Ethiopia its number-one place to visit in 2015. Overnight: The Grand Palace Hotel & Spa

Day 2 – Fly Addis Ababa To Jinka

After having your breakfast, you will take your flight to Jinka in the Omo Valley. Jinka is a small market zone town which houses the South Omo Research Centre Museum. From here there is an optional expedition to the Omo National Park, a lesser-visited national park in Ethiopia, and home to incredible vistas. The park has a rugged, off-the-beaten-track appeal. Later in the afternoon will meet the Ari people.
Overnight: Eco Omo Lodge

Day 3 – Jinka-Turmi

After breakfast, you Visit the Mago National Park and the Mursi people. Drive (2.5 hrs) from Jinka to Turmi, en route visit Key Afar market.
The Mursi people. The Mursi are famous for the lower lip plates worn as decoration by the women, along with their traditional dress and ornate headdresses. The Mursi people are one of the few tribes who continue to wear traditional clothing and accessories.
Overnight: Paradise Lodge

Day 4 – Turmi Excursion To Karo Tribe

This day after breakfast you will be droving to the Korcho to see Karo tribe in Korcho and later after lunch in the small town of Kangate you will visit the Nyangatom tribe in Kangatan.
Overnight: Paradise Lodge

Day 5 – Turmi To Dasenach Tribe

After breakfast, we will be driving to the small town of Omorate to see the Dasanech tribe in Omerate. In the afternoon, visit the Dimeka market and the Hamar people. The Hamar people are agro-pastoralists who adorn traditional body decorations and colorful beads. The women use ochre and resin to deftly style their hair, which is known as ‘goscha’. When the men come of age they have to partake in a bull-jumping ceremony. These friendly people will welcome you into their community, offer you wild coffee and barbecued goat, and introduce you to their customs and traditions.
Overnight: Paradise Lodge

Day 6 -Turmi-Konso- Arba Minch

After breakfast we will be driving from from Turmi to Arba Minch, en route visit Arbore and Konso people. Today you’ll be exploring Konso, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Named after the Konso people, this isolated village is located in hilly terrain at the edge of the Rift Valley. The Konso settlement is over 400 years old with fortified stone walls surrounding the terraced village. Beekeeping, cotton weaving and agriculture are the main local industries. It is most famous for its Waga Sculptures. These anthropomorphic wooden carvings memorialize and commemorate people from the community. Spend the day with these incredible people and experience their rich culture. Your guide will be there at all times to help you navigate the interactions.
Overnight: Paradise Lodge

Day 7 – Arba Minch

In the morning, take a boat trip on Lake Chamo, part of Nechisar National Park. As you head out onto the expansive lake, you’ll see crocodiles, hippos and flamingos bathing in the Ethiopian sun. Explore Nechisar National Park, or discover the incredible bee-hive huts of the Dorze tribe, who are famous for their structures, weaving and singing.
In the afternoon, visit the Dorze people and market.
Overnight: Paradise Lodge

Day 8 – Arba Minch-Hawassa

This day after breakfast we will be Drive Arba Minch to Hawassa, en route visit Senkele Game Sanctuary.
Overnight: Haile Resort Hawassa

Day 9 – Bale Mountains National Park

This day after breakfats visit the fish market in Hawassa. The Hawassa fish market is famous, and the stalls around the market offer some of the best fish soup you’ll ever have.Next, drive 5.5 hours from Hawassa to the Bale Mountains National Park via Dinsho, the headquarters of the park where you’ll meet your guide. Your guide will talk you through the itinerary for your hike over the next few days.

You’ll drive through the park towards the Harenna Forest. The Harenna Forest is one of the few remaining natural forests in Ethiopia. The forest sits below a 1200-metre escarpment, and is home to a huge number of species. You’ll have plenty of time to trek through this Mecca of Ethiopian biodiversity and soak up the stunning views.

The Harenna Forest itself is astonishing. Moss clings to the gnarly tree trunks, creating an almost alien landscape. The forest is home to many species of plants, amphibians, birds and mammals, some of which are endemic to the area, with some only found in this particular forest. Amazingly, scientists continue to discover new species of animals here, over the last few years they have discovered 22 new moths and butterflies, and a viper.

You’ll stay at the Bale Mountain Lodge, a stunning eco lodge staffed by enthusiastic experts who are always happy to give you more information about the surrounding area, and will go above and beyond to ensure you have a comfortable stay. The Bale Mountains Lodge is one of the best lodges in the whole country. Relax and enjoy the warm ambience of this remarkable lodge, and remember to look out for Bale Monkeys and Harenna Chameleons in the trees.
Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

Day 10 – Bale Mountains National Park

Today is a full day exploring of Bale Mountains National Park.
Awake to the sounds of the Harenna Forest and the smell of freshly brewed ‘wild’ coffee, which is harvested just south of the lodge. In the morning you’ll explore the forest some more, spotting much of the wildlife. Remember your binoculars, and a camera!
In the afternoon, you’ll head to the lunar landscape of the Sanetti Plateau, where you’ll try and spot the Ethiopian Wolf, Africa’s rarest carnivore. Although only a few hundred Ethiopian wolves exist in the world today, over half the global population reside in the Bale Mountains. You might also spot the giant mole-rat, another endemic species and the primary food source for the wolves.
Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

Day 11 -Addis Ababa-Departure

This day after breakfast we will be driving to Goba Airport for your flight to Addis Ababa

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