Unity Park Addis Ababa

Unity, Sheger and Entoto Parks

Unity Park, Sheger park and Entoto parks; As the political capital of Africa, Addis Ababa is always a good embodiment of urban tourism. Especially, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister has taken a rigorous fund raising initiative called “Dine for Sheger” to exalt Addis Ababa to a better positioning in the tourism service sector. In fact, the project is meant to realize the renovation and creation of new tourist attractions in the city in a project called Addis Ababa Riverside Green Development. The implementation of the project has truly demonstrated efficient and effective innovation and execution in short time span. As a result, additional tourism services and products have been made available for tourists and travelers. The facilities have come up with clean waters, flower belts, amphitheaters, and water dance Light Fountains, open spaces and stops. As part of the project initiative, we kindly recommend you to include Entoto Natural Park, Sheger and Unity parks in your travel plan. Mark our words! You will profit a lot from paying a visit at these remarkable attractions.

1. Unity Park

Unity Park
Unity park

It is located at the Prime Minister office of Ethiopia.  Unity is a family friendly park where you can enjoy exhibition of indigenous plants, indigenous black mane lion zoo, the green area, the pavilions of the Ethiopian regions, and more than 100 display items. The best children playground, the beautiful landscaping, historic buildings and displays in the Park are attractions which make you to again to the Park. In addition, Unity Park features one of the early cars in the country which is still drivable. Furthermore, Unity was one of the grand palace-seats of Ethiopian emperors built by King Menelik. Visiting the Park therefore creates a good opportunity to learn Ethiopian history which is hidden in the palace. Due to this, people dub the Park “Small Scale Ethiopia.” You can purchase tickets from the park’s website- https://unitypark.et using international payment cards and other payment options. You don’t pay more than 20 US dollars while VIP entrances charge 50 USD.

2. Sheger Park

Sheger Park
Sheger Park

It is found in the heart of Addis Ababa, in front of the Prime Minister’s office, in the downtown of the capital. Sheger Park is the recently inaugurated entertaining facility which is initiated by the project of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Once you enter the Park, you will enjoy myriads of recreation facilities which comprise cultural centers, art gallery, places of science & technology, tennis court, and water fall café. If you hold your books, the Park is a peaceful, lovely, and immaculate place to read. You can also wander down the hill on the stone path. All in all, Sheger Park has become a paramount importance to boost urban tourism and to better elevate the status of Addis Ababa.

3. Entoto Park

It lies between the northern limit of Addis Ababa towering high above the city. Entoto is a well-known wildlife sanctuary.  In fact, you find the Park by far the most beautiful, elegant and amazing park in Addis Ababa. Especially after being renovated by the Sheger project, Entoto has become a site of filled monuments, fountain, and playground, horse bike riding field, convenient restaurant, arrow training spaces, and the like. The adorable beauty & lush greenery of Entoto Natural Park surely allures you to visit it several times once you experience it. The clear and pleasant hiking trails are also entertaining.

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