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Adadi Maryam Rock Hewan Churches

It was built around the 12 th and 13th C and the history of the establishment of the church have a connection with ST Lalibela when he come to visit the scared mountain of Ziquala in the 12th c he built the church for the commemoration of st Mary’s.

Tiya Stelae Archeological Sites

Which  is one the UNESCO registered sites with among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the Sodom region, south of Addis Ababa? The site contains 36 monuments, including 32 carved stelae covered with symbols, most of which are difficult to decipher. They are the remains of an ancient Ethiopian culture whose age has not yet been precisely determined.

Wenchi Crater Lake 

Its 155 km west of Addis Ababa, on the way to Ambo and Welliso road this lake was an  extinct volcano (the top of which is 3380 meters above sea level) the crater contains a large lake, hot mineral springs, waterfalls and beautiful valleys and farmland There is an old monastery with a church is situated on one of the lake …

Menagesha -suba forest

Menagesha    suba   forest   was   originally     protected    by    Zar’a Ya`qob or Zera Yacob (1399 – 26 August 1468) was the Emperor of Ethiopia, and a member of the Solomonic dynasty) now a time the forest is conserved by the government like a park and the total are of the park is around 2500 hectare and the forest have a natural big trees like juniper us and Eric arboreal

Menagesha Suba is one of the tourist destination for a day trip from Addis Ababa because of its remarkable natural indigenous tree species  and some endemic birds with some species mammals like endemic antelopes of Minilk bushbuck

Debre Libanos Monastery

Debre Libanos is a monastery in Ethiopia which is  lying northwest of Addis Ababa and it was  Founded in the 13th century by Saint Tekle Haymanot

According to myth ST Tekle Haymanot  he meditated in a cave for 29 years. The monastery complex sits on a terrace between a cliff and the gorge of one of the tributaries of the Abbay River and the Current buildings include the church over Tekle Haymanot’s tomb was Emperor Haile Selassie ordered constructed in 1961

Blue Nile George Ethiopia

The Blue Nile is so-called because floods during the summer monsoon erode a vast amount of fertile soil from the Ethiopian Highlands and carry it downstream as silt, turning the water dark brown or almost black  and the distance of the river from its source to its confluence has been variously reported as being between 1,460 kilometers (910 mi) and 1,600 kilometers (990 mi). This uncertainty over the length might partially result from the fact that the river flows through a series of virtually impenetrable gorges cut in the Ethiopian Highlands to a depth of some 1,500 meters (4,900 ft)—a depth comparable to that of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the United States.

Bishoftu(Debre Ziet )

Bishoftu is a town which is lying  south east of Addis Ababa and formerly known as Debre Ziet this town is known as the home for crater lake in Ethiopia and have also some crater mountains like ( Mount Yerer, Green Crater Lake and Lake Hora Kiloli. Bishoftu is also known as a resort town because a lot of resorts are located known for five crater lakes: Lake Bishoftu, Lake Hora (a base for watersports, many water birds and an annual festival), Lake Bishoftu Guda, Lake Koriftu and the seasonal Lake Cheleklaka

Awash National Park 

ANP is 225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa with its southern boundary along the Awash River and the park  covers 756 square kilometers of acacia woodland and grassland. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has amazing waterfalls. In the upper Kudu Valley at Filwoha are hot springs amid groves of palm trees.

Wildlife in Awash National Parks  include the Oryx, Summering’s Gazelle, the tiny Salt Dik-Dik, the lesser and greater Kudus, Warthogs, Defarsa waterbuck, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, Columbus and Grivet monkeys, Leopards, Lions, Black-Backed and Golden Jackals, Caracals, Servals and Wildcats.

Birds In Awash National Parks 470 species Six endemics: Banded Barbet, Golden-Backed Woodpecker, White-Winged Cliff Chat, White-Tailed Starling, Thick-Billed Raven and Wattled Ibis


Lake Langano is found in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, exactly 200 kilometers by road south of the It is located to the east of Lake Abijatta in the Main Ethiopian Rift at an elevation of 1,585 meters. The lake is brown in color and at first sight one may think that the lake is not clean. However this is not the case, the reason for the color is due to the richness of minerals including high sculpture levels which have led many to believe that the lake water has healing properties. There are a number of resorts around the lake and water sports are popular. There is a variety of wildlife around the lake, which include hippos (rare), monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and a huge variety of birds.